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Harjinder Randhawa

Singer & Music Director

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Koi Farq Ni Painda


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Swarga Diye Pariye


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Phullan Wangu


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Tere Naina


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Meri Jaan


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Harjinder Randhawa

Date of birth
    21st July’ 1993

Place of origin
    Village Dhiromajra
    Maler Kotla
    Nabha, Patiala

   (Punjab University)
   BA Gurmukh Sangeet,
   PGD Folk and Sufi Music,
   MA Music Vocal
    Singer + Music Director

Years active
   2015 till present
   Indian Classical
   Sufi music
   Gurbaani Keertan
   Ghazal (Semi-classical)
   Folk, classical, Sufi, Hindi music

He has worked with various artists like Karamjeet Anmol, Kamal Khan, Jimmy Kotakpura and karma topper.

Prizes won
   University colour in Punjab university
   Gold medalist in Punjab University
   Winner in various inter-university and youthy festivals in vaar gayan, folk music and Shabad.

First short film
   Strike Back (72 hours timeline) - Yes Bank short film festival, Women’s safety.

Music videos
   He is also a music director who has worked in songs like-
   Velly touch
   Mishri Wargi
   Samay di chaal

   It was his mom’s wish to become a singer, her mom gifted her with a harmonium 7 days before she died when Harjinder was very small. Both his father and grandmother had a great role to play in building a career for their only offspring Harjinder.

   Dr Alankaar singh
   Prof. Paramjot Singh
   Sukhdev Singh - (School teacher)- first motivator who taught and encouraged him to sing.

Travel and tours
   Has travelled to countries like Canada, Singapore, Malaysia for his various performances.
   There have been various places in India too like Uttarakhand and Mumbai

   A. R Rahman (Music director)
   Jatinder Shah (singer)

Harjinderer Randhawa
   When a young Harjinder from Punjab spoke about wanting to become a famous singer in his school days his peers would snigger at his high hopes and think he was living in a fantasy land. But now the very same boy has struck gold and turned his fantasy into reality by getting launched as a lead singer from Touchwood Productions and playing the lead composer’s role in an international Punjabi film release “Fikar Karo Na”. Harjinder is all set to star in a Punjabi Film being released here in the UK, all over India, Canada, Europe and many other countries across the globe.

   Born in the district of Patiala , Punjab, Harjinder has had a ladder-fetching childhood. His parents realized that Harjinder had a musical gift from the time when he was very small. He spent hours playing on a harmonium, and once built his own drum set using his mother’s pots and pans.

   Harjinder during his childhood days, enjoyed nothing more than putting on musical shows for his family to enjoy. The Randhawa family has a library of videos of their son’s memorable performances.

   At the age of three, Harjinder sat before a harmonium for the very first time. His parents’ belief in his talent manifested itself when it became apparent that he could play by ear. He seemed to absorb the music and play it effortlessly.

   As the years passed, Harjinder would learn to play several instruments, including the harmonium, tabla, arbaab, dhad, tumbi, piano and dholak. As soon as he had mastered one, he would be looking for his next challenge.

   When Harjinder decided to begin touring, his instrumental skills, soulful voice and haunting lyrics immediately gathered a loyal fan base around him. His style of music is not just limited to Punjabi music but is also influenced by Indian Classical, Folk, Sufi, Gurbaani keertan and Ghazal. The melodic mix creates a distinctive sound that intrigues and transports his listeners. He seems larger than life on stage with his music penetrating into hearts and souls.

   Fond of teaching the budding minds of young students, he has devoted enough time to travel around various parts of the world in the conquest of his endeavour.

   He left the religious path to follow the commercial music because he believed that Commercial music is a platform where he would be provided with the worth he has been gifted with.

   In his latest film Fikar karo na, he has composed the music of a song named “ Mangta”. The song has been sung by Kamal Khan.

   Talking about him getting launched in touchwood productions as a lead singer, it is said that Harjinder had composed a song for the movie Fikar karo na, which the singer couldn’t sing that appropriately. Because of which Harjinder had to show him in front of the team of touchwood productions, how it should actually be sung. The team got so intrigued by his performance that they decided to launch him as a lead singer of touchwood music and productions.

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